Parks & Recreation Survey

Your input is vital to creating a parks and recreation system that services the needs of residents and visitors alike.  The City of Frankfort Parks and Recreation Board have reaffirmed their commitment to the following goals and action items:
2021-2025 Goals
  • Provide recreational opportunities for all age groups
  • Provide recreational facilities for all people
  • Provide recreational facilities and opportunities to all parts of Frankfort
2021-2025 Action Items
  • Modernize public restrooms
  • Enhance beach facilities
  • Market Square Park improvements
  • Lighthouse maintenance
  • Dog park
  • General maintenance of parks
  • Community recreation center
Response to the Action Item survey will help continue enhancing these identified action items. The survey can be found by using the following link: Parks & Recreation Action Item Survey. Please note, the survey will be opened until October 9, 2020.