Frankfort Farmers Market

Dear Frankfort Farmers Market Vendors,
As we prepare for the 2021 Farmers Market season there is still some uncertainty about what this summer will look like.  We will be open for sure!

A few things to note for the 2021 Farmers Market Season:
  • Luette Frost, Laural Wayna and Shannon Spencley from the City of Frankfort will be teaming up again to run the Market. 
  • We will be enforcing the already existing rule, that you must make all Craft items that you sell at your booth.  We are committed to having a market of makers and growers.  So please do not try to sell anything you have not made completely, no resale!
  • We are asking crafters/artists to submit at least three pictures of the items they will sell at their booth.  We will be reviewing the submissions. 
  • We will be following the COVID Protocols from Michigan Farmers Market Association (MIFMA) for the summer and are awaiting an update,   so stay tuned.  We expect that we will have similar social distance and mask wearing regulations in place. 

Market Pricing
Full Season (May 1 thru Oct 9): 24 weeks = $400 
Short Season (May 29 thru September 4): 15 weeks = $270
Saturdays: $20
If you want to be ensured that you have the same spot each week, you must either pay for the short or full season

Click here for the application and rules and regulations.