Community Resource Center


The Community Resource Center was formed to research potential opportunities and benefits associated with a community resource center. 

The City of Frankfort has received two substantial offers to help fund a Community Center, located here in this beautiful place that we have chosen to call our home or that we are fortunate enough to visit. This past winter, a group of dedicated individuals have been meeting to determine just what might be included in the short term and sustainable future. We need your help. Please take the time to help with the project by giving your priority to the categories under discussion for inclusion by completed the survey created by this group of dedicated individuals. The categories are examples and are not meant to be a complete list, nor do they guarantee that all of these services will be included. Please note: This facility is NOT meant to be a fitness or aquatic center. 

For results of survey as of October 21, 2018, click Community Resource Center Survey

The August 2019 Community Resource Center Newsletter is available by clicking here