Tree Board

The distinguished National Arbor Day Foundation recognizes the City of Frankfort as a Tree City USA. To qualify for this award, a community must have an official Tree Board, devote at least $2 per citizen annually to tree care, have an ordinance in effect to protect its trees, and celebrate Arbor Day each year.Our community also has earned the Foundation’s “Growth Award” for thirteen years, an honor given to Tree Cities whose care of this natural resource has exceeded the annual minimum requirements.

Since becoming a Tree City in 2004, Frankfort and the Tree Board have:

Created an annual poster sale honoring Frankfort as an Arbor Day Foundation Tree City USA. Beginning in 2018, artists wanting to have their work featured on the next year’s poster may submit artwork to a poster contest. Information and contest applications can be found on this webpage.

Posters may be purchased for $15 at City Hall, The Bookstore and the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce, as well as at some community events. Funds earned from sale of the posters support the Tree Board efforts, including the purchase of trees for planting and sapling trees for the City nursery.

Celebrated Arbor Day annually at Frankfort Elementary School, City Hall, or Frankfort High School. Trees have been planted at each site. In 2018, Hunter, a local Frankfort Elementary student, won 2nd Place in the Michigan Arbor Day Foundation 5th Grade Poster Contest. He won $100 towards the planting of a tree at his school. A beautiful American Linden was planted at school with the help of Hunter and a few class-mates at the 2018 Arbor Day celebration. Copies of Hunter’s poster are available at City Hall for $5.00.

Established a City nursery where mainly native species of saplings are grown for several years until ready to be planted where needed on City streets and in our parks. Volunteer work days are held to pot, and provide care for the young nursery trees. Volunteers oversee the watering and keep the grass around the saplings mowed. 2018 has seen the complete renewal of the nursery with 50 new saplings, including elm, tulip, linden and sycamore planted

Established a program whereby citizens may donate a tree in someone’s honor or memory. A plaque is placed at the base of each tree. Thanks to the generosity of citizens and friends of Frankfort, 52 trees have been donated as of 2018. A list of trees and an application form are available at City Hall. Donations are tax-deductible.

Planned and carried out “Mulching Day” annually in May with resident volunteers and Frankfort High School National Honor Society members. Each May, before mulching day, volunteers prepare trees to be mulched by weeding around the base of young trees in the boulevards of City streets as well as in the City parks. Upwards of 35 students and adult volunteer workers shovel mulch into buckets, from piles or a City truck, carry the buckets to the trees, then carefully mulch the trees. Everybody works hard and has a great time working to ensure these young trees are protected to retain moisture around their roots.
Tree Board Members: Blair Foote, Nancy Murray
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