Main Street Snow Removal

The winter snow season is upon us!  If you have not done so already, please arrange to have all snow removed along the Main Street and side-street sidewalk adjacent to your property. As a reminder, in October of 2018, the snow removal ordinance was amended by the City of Frankfort. The ordinance is enclosed for your review.

The City and the business community would like to create an inviting and safe atmosphere to residents and visitors during the winter months, thus the creation of the snow removal ordinance. If your business is closed during the winter months, you are still required to abide by the ordinance, so please make arrangements to have snow and ice removed from sidewalk areas within a timely manner. Upon need, the City of Frankfort DPW crew clears snow daily (Monday-Friday) from the Main Street curb line, so please remove snow and ice from the sidewalk and deposit onto the street for proper removal.  Please be advised that the DPW, due to budget constraints and severity/timing of snow accumulation, may not remove all of the snow on the street adjacent to the curb on Saturday and/or Sunday. Also, please keep in mind that the timing of snowfall during the day will impact our ability to remove snow from the curb line. The street will be cleared of snow in all instances, however if snow adjacent to the curb is not removed by the DPW over the weekend the snow will be removed early Monday morning.  In situations where we receive significant snowfall during the day, Monday through Thursday, the snow will be removed from the curb line the following morning.  Please keep in mind that during significant snow events we may wait to plow snow until the winter storm is over.

 Erik Anderson is a local contractor who offers snow removal services to numerous businesses on Main Street. You may contact him at (231) 651-0767 if you are unable to remove the snow in a timely manner.  Mr. Anderson works closely with the City of Frankfort DPW staff to ensure all snow is removed from the Main Street corridor by 8:00 am. It is an amazing site to drive through Main Street during the winter and see all snow cleared from the sidewalk and streets, thus enhancing the safety and overall experience for people that continue to support our business community during the winter months.

 In situations where snowfall continues throughout the day after the initial clean-up in the morning, the City of Frankfort, through funding from the Downtown Development Authority (DDA), will partner with Mr. Anderson to clear snow from the sidewalk to maintain a walking path.  A thorough clean-up of snow from the sidewalk areas is still required within a 24-hour time period. The City of Frankfort will also dedicate an employee to further maintain crosswalk ramps and salt sidewalk areas to continually improve walking conditions.

 If there are any questions, please contact City Superintendent Josh Mills at (231) 352-7117 or via e-mail at